• The Czech Tunnelling Association (CzTA) is a national member of International Tunneling and Underground Space  Association ITA-AITES with the head office in Lausanne, Switzerland. Fourteen experts from member organizations of CzTA are involved in the international working groups of the association.
  • CzTA was founded after the split of Czechoslovakia from the Czechoslovakian Tunnelling Committee founded in 1982 from the initiative of companies participating in the construction of the Prague metro. 
  • CzTA associates organizations, university and scientific workplaces, firms and individuals active in the underground engineering and related scientific research. Currently, 47 collective members and 51 individual members are registered. It is an open organization and anybody  involved in activities connected with underground engineering may become member.
  • For its members, CzTA provides up-to-date information, gives the possibility for the presentation of their theoretical and practical activities, supports or arranges training courses (seminars, discussion meetings etc.).     
  • In collaboration with the Slovak Tunnelling Association, CzTA publishes a quarterly for its members and other interested professionals magazine TUNEL (impression 1300 copies), since 1999 the quarterly has been published in Czech and English versions.
  • CzTA organizes three year cycles of conferences with international participation under the name of "Underground Engineering Constructions of Prague". The 12th International conference "Underground Engineering Constructions of Prague 2013" was held on 22th to 24thApril 2013. Next conference will be on 23rd to 25th May 2016.
  • CzTA organizes its own working groups focused on the issues that are hot topic in the Czech Republic. Currently, these are working groups for shot-concrete, conventional tunnelling, tunnels design, waterproofing and training.



14th International Conference Underground Construction Prague 2019