Discussion topics

1. Underground city design, planning of underground constructions
(utilization of underground space, technical infrastructure, connecting towns to external transportation systems, underground construction and urban development, underground construction and historical centres of towns, influence on the environment and on town traffic etc.)

Chairman: Otakar HASÍK (hasik@metroprojekt.cz )

2. Geotechnical survey and improvement of ground mass
(development of new research methods, implementation and results of geotechnical research with regard to the selection of optimum construction technology and minimization of risks during driving, geophysical research, improvement of rock environment and its inspection etc.)

Chairman: Alexandr ROZSYPAL (rozsypal@geotechnika.cz

3. Research, development and design of underground constructions in built-up areas
(theoretical basis of design, physical and mathematical modelling of driving, deformation prognosis for overlaying rock and existing structures, deformation limitation, technical seismic influences, development and testing of new technologies, particular project plans and designs etc.)

Chairman: Richard ŠŇUPÁREK (snuparek@ugn.cas.cz)

4. Urban tunnelling and its monitoring: conventional and mechanized tunnelling
(construction of underpasses, underground parking places and garages, collectors, urban road tunnels, railway tunnels, underground railways; methods, extent and organization of monitoring, methods and effects of monitored data applications etc.)

Chairman: Jiří SMOLÍK (jsmolik@subterra.cz

5. Underground constructions executed from surface in built-up areas
(underground structures in sheeted trenches, structural design of anchored lining, stability of lining, monitoring of deformations and ground pressures, new and combined construction technologies, ground-water influences, buoyancy force working against structures; embanked thin-walled structures: design, construction, monitoring)

Chairman: Jan PRUŠKA (pruska@fsv.cvut.cz)

6. Concrete in underground construction
(design, calculation, implementation and assessment of sprayed concrete lining of underground structures, steel fibre reinforced concrete and monolithic concrete, pre-cast segmental lining).

Chairman: Pavel POLÁK (polak@metrostav.cz )

7. Distribution and management of risks and accidents during tunnelling
(geologic and hydro-geologic risks, design risks, technological risks during construction, placing of construction orders, competence of construction participants; risk analysis – theoretical procedures and practical examples; relation to the solution of emergency situations that occurred during implementation etc.). Responsibilities, competences and risks connected with preparation and realization of  unusual and/or new  technical solutions and methods and introduction of  new methods an technologies.

Chairman: Martin SRB (srb@d2-consult.cz)

8. Tunnel equipment: fire and operational safety
(new trends in technological and transportation equipment of tunnels, transportation control system, analysis and management of risks, human factor and its safety considerations, experience with the European directive on uniform safety, experience with implemented safety precautions and emergency situations; costs optimization etc.)

Chairman: Ludvík Šajtar (ludvik.sajtar@satra.cz)

9. Historical underground constructions; maintenance and reconstruction of underground constructions

Chairman: Josef ALDORF (josef.aldorf@vsb.cz)